SM Renergy aims to supply power at a sensible cost to its clients. This can be accomplished by actualizing its RESCO model whose idea is much similar to that of a conventional electric utility in that the panels aren't owned by the client and the power that is produced is made accessible to the client at a charge. The expense charged to the client incorporates any required capital replacement cost and all working, support and repair costs in addition to a benefit for the operating organisation.

How it Works

Pay according to usage

The customer only needs to pay according to the usage along with a service charge and the maintenance costs

No forthright cost

The customers need not pay any cost while installing the solar panel, until used, the RESCO model is free to install

Pre-fixed agreement tariff

The customer agrees to a pre-decided tariff rate for up to 25 years i.e., less expensive power for a long time

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Solar calculator

This tool provide a quick analysis of the ideal capacity of solar PV that needs to be installed at your establishment to either minimise or nullify your power bills. Get in touch if you want to get rid of expensive power bills!

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