SM Renergy (P) Ltd is a well-established company for marketing of solar Photo-Voltaic products such as solar lanterns, solar street lights, solar water purification system, solar water pumping system and solar fencing. SM Renergy (P) Limited was formed with the main objective of developing sustainable and cost effective solutions for the generation and supply of renewable energy including solar and wind. The company primarily deals with the development of solar projects.


Mr. M. Sudarsan Swamy is the Managing Director, a graduate in Management from Florida returned to India after having worked in the services sector of US for over 8 years. After returning to India, as the Vice President, Venky's India Ltd, launched Venky's chicken brand in India and headed the operation since its inception. In 1991, Mr Swamy started a Shrimp farm and hatcheries. He was the Charter President of All India Shrimp Hatcheries association and held many important government positions in the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture.